Letter of Recommendation

Gerry Bevan, Founder and CEO, Lionhart Capital Ltd.

Dear Reader,

I am writing this letter to you as a recommendation for the services provided by WiseIT. For many years I have worked hand in hand with WiseIT to assist us with numerous IT services including hosting our servers. At no time have they failed me, and they have always been on time, making them a reliable partner to us and keeping our system running.

My first engagement with WiseIT was on a project of setting up and operating our Servers and Computers. The company brought along good expertise that involved keeping our system running all the time. The feedback and results were phenomenal compared to our previous IT Company. It is through the use of their services that I have been able to transform our business model to stay up with the times.

I would like you to consider WiseIT for your IT work or any other IT service offered by WiseIT being recommended needs. I have had a good experience with them over the past 16 years for the services they have rendered to us. I therefore strongly recommend their services. Let me know if you need any previous working record regarding WiseIT I would be pleased to provide.