Business VoIP

Voice over IP uses the internet to relay your traffic, rather than old analog phone lines. This brings several benefits such as advanced call routing, unlimited extensions, and access from anywhere in the world with any mobile device.



A huge benefit to VoIP is the ability to start with what you need, and easily scale up as your business grows. With virtually unlimited extensions and locations, you’ll never need another phone solution.


With routing based on time conditions, caller ID, callee ID, or auto-attendant options, anything is possible. Whether you need a simple setup, or something more complex, we guarantee you will be satisfied with all the options available.

Continuous Backups

We continuously, and automatically, back up your entire PBX. This includes configuration files, Auto-Attendant recordings, and voicemails. No matter what emergency comes your way you can be confident your phones will be back in no time, with no data lost.

Universal Access

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you can access the internet, you can access all the features of your phone system. With support for nearly all devices, you have the freedom to be connected anywhere your business might take you.


Advanced Firewall Protection

We use the latest security protocols and firewall protection to ensure only legitimate voice traffic is reaching your network.

VoIP Traffic Optimization

On slower networks it is necessary to prioritize voice traffic to ensure crisp voice quality and reduce dropped calls. Our advanced router solution can handle this task with ease.