IT Support

We are happy to support any hardware configuration, no matter the age, model, or manufacturer. We can also assist with any other technology issues you may face, whether it is printer, network, or software related.


Hardware Support

We specialize in diagnosing and repairing all hardware issues. Whether your hard drive has crashed, computer is over-heating, or it simply will not turn on, you can rest assured we will get your PC up and running

Application Support

Applications are getting bigger, with more options, and much more confusing. We are happy to provide support for any application you are having issues with.

Virus Removal

With all the different types of malware floating around these days, it’s nearly impossible to keep your computer completely free of infections. We happily provide in-depth virus removal with our specialized suite of tools, plus the experience to manually remove the most resilient infections.

Printer Support

Printers are commonly a very important piece in your IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, they are also prone to issues. We can quickly fix most of your printer issues remotely. For those truly stubborn printers, we provide on-site troubleshooting and repair.


Network Support

Dependency on your devices is increasing, and with it, demand for a secure and reliable network. We can optimize your network for faster speeds, better security, or advanced functions such as VPN access or VLAN routing.

Data Recovery

One of the most common hardware issues are dead hard drives. Despite this fact, many people aren’t running a backup until it’s too late. We offer data recovery service using sophisticated software to get as much data back as we can.